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IEQ Enhancement Program

IEQ Enhancement Program: Accessing the indoor environmental quality of a given building

Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) has become a major concern for public buildings and the hospitality industry. The public is recognizing the importance of comfortable, healthy indoor environments. Studies by the EPA comparing risks of environmental threats to public health have ranked indoor air pollution (second hand smoke, mold, radon and volatile organic chemicals) among the top five concerns.

Many indoor environmental concerns are simultaneously threats to the owner’s assets and property condition. Conditions that lead to mold growth also cause a deterioration of the structure and may lead to expensive repairs if not detected and addressed early.

The RestCon IEQ Enhancement Program’s goal is to take the building in whatever condition it presently exists and design a cost effective risk management program that helps our client:

  • Provide for early detection of moisture and other indoor environmental quality problems or conditions likely to lead to building deterioration
  • Plan recovery systems for emergencies and disasters
  • Train Employees to satisfy OSHA health and safety requirements
  • Reduce liability by demonstrating routine monitoring and documentation of conditions for patron health and safety

RestCon can also help enhance building performance and guest experience by:

  • Recommending actions that will increase the environmental comfort for patrons
  • Save money by identifying energy waste
  • Helping the hotel owner present a positive environmental image
  • Provide recommendations for short-term controls to manage building related problems until a long-term solution can be implemented

Using the RestCon Environmental Quality Pyramid, RestCon scientists evaluate the buildings current status for over 100 environmental quality factors. This evaluation is the first level in a series of possible inspection paths. The initial inspection results in a report which evaluates and establishes the current environmental quality for each of these factors.