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New Home Construction

New Home builders work diligently to insure that their homes follow accepted construction standards and local building codes. However, there is always the possibility that things happen out of the ordinary. All buildings get wet. In some cases building components fail and prolonged water intrusion can result in mold problems. When a question arises about suspected mold growth, a prompt, professional response by a knowledgeable indoor environmental professional, that is sensitive to the issues surrounding homeowner and builder relations, can help solve unanswered questions and minimize the warranty costs. If mold problems are discovered, we can help to establish a scope of work that is sufficient to solve the problem. Without an accurate scope of work remediation firms will either establish an area of containment that is too small and does not completely address the contaminated area or too large and costs more to remediate than is necessary.

New building materials are being designed to minimize off-gassing. Occasionally there is a question about odors and chemicals used in material manufacturing. If these questions arise, we can provide you with prompt and expeditious assessment services that will identify or eliminate potential sources of objectionable odors.

Benefits of Using Our Services:

  • Minimize warranty costs
  • Protect the health and safety of homeowners
  • Limit your builder liability
  • Protect the value of the property
  • Improve and enhance builder/homebuyer relations