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Residential Buildings

It has been reported that most people spend 90% of each day indoors1. For infants, the elderly, persons with chronic diseases, and most urban residents of any age, the proportion is probably higher. In addition, the concentrations of many pollutants indoors can exceed those outdoors. The indoor environments of highest concern are those involving prolonged, continuing exposure — the home, school, and workplace. In the United States over 2/3 of that time (~65%) is spent at home. Residential properties include both single family and multi-tenant residences. The American Lung Association has indicated that 90% of homeowners were not aware that indoor environmental quality (IEQ) was a problem. In recent years the public’s awareness and level of concern over IEQ has increased due to the media and educational efforts from public agencies.

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1 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Air and Radiation. Report to Congress on Indoor Air Quality, Volume II: Assessment and Control of Indoor Air Pollution, pp. I, 4-14. EPA 400-1-89-001C, 1989.