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Our infrared cameras are radiometric thermal imaging systems that enable us to accurately determine the temperature of any surface at a distance. IR technology is being used to quickly identify not only moisture issues, but problems associated with excessive heat in electrical systems, clogs and leaks associated with plumbing systems, flat roof leaks, HVAC duct leaks, energy conservation issues (interior and exterior), missing insulation in wall systems and attics, post-fire hot spot identification, predictive maintenance and process monitoring issues in manufacturing, etc. The list goes on due to the problem-solving nature of the IR technology. We can capture the image and provide our customers with a color print out report for their records.

Services include:

  • Performing an infrared inspection on-site, beginning with scanning the structure with an infrared (IR) camera followed by confirmation of additional inspection equipment, if necessary
  • Documenting the findings by digital photography, individual IR images and upon request a video recording of the IR scan
  • Create a written report

Quality Control, Quality Assurance & Cost Control Services:

  • Develop or review a scope of work
  • Review invoicing

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