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Clandestine Drug (Meth) Lab Assessments

The clandestine production of illegal drugs has been recognized as a serious threat to health and the environment. Chemical manufacturing within a structure without the appropriate safety devices, as found in a professional laboratory, often leads to gross surface contamination of chemicals and most often finished product. Many counties and states lay the burden of proof on the shoulders of the property owner to show the structure is safe for re-occupancy. RestCon Environmental’s experience includes hundreds of clandestine drug lab property assessments, as well as Clandestine Drug Lab Safety training for the US Drug Enforcement Agency at their Academy in Quantico, Virginia. RestCon Environmental helps property owners by working with the local environmental health and hazardous materials departments to ensure compliance and resolution in a timely manner. RestCon Environmental’s services include:

  • Sampling for product, precursors, and associated chemicals to determine the extent, if any, of contamination and to recommend methods to reduce contamination
  • State/County/City agency coordination to ensure client cooperation
  • Remediation contractor oversight
  • Clandestine Drug Lab Awareness training for those in the real estate or property management industry