What is Pathways™ testing?

Pathways™ is a non-destructive, cost-efficient tool used to pinpoint potential hotspots that often evade traditional invasive detection methods.

When is Pathways™ testing recommended?

Pathways™ is an essential tool used after diagnosing water damage or microbial issues in a building. In cases where there is a history of known or hidden water damage, previous remediation without symptom improvement, or elevated results from sampling methods like MSQPCR or ERMI, then Pathways™ testing is utilized to pinpoint those areas of hidden mold growth.

How does Pathways™ testing work?

Utilizing the analysis of peptide bonds in proteins, Pathways™ aids in revealing mold sources lurking beneath the surface.

Why choose Pathways™?

Choosing Pathways™ offers several key advantages:

  • Non-destructive: Identifies hidden mold sources without the need for destructive testing.
  • Cost Effective and Efficient: Saves time and resources by minimizing guesswork. Its targeted approach to identifying mold issues allows for more effective remediation and maintenance strategies, ultimately reducing overall costs.
  • Easy-to-interpret reports: The color-coded reports are user-friendly and easy to interpret.

How is Pathways™ testing performed?

Pathways™ testing involves swabbing the perimeter of the building with special microfiber swabs. The first round establishes a baseline, while the second round of samples is collected immediately after a detailed cleaning to confirm its effectiveness. Results from the third round can pinpoint re-emerging protein locations and provide insights into the rate of growth, helping us identify which locations require further investigation.

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