Pathways™ testing is a non-destructive testing method, designed specifically for areas that do not have visible mold growth. A crack the size of a human hair can provide a pathway for micro-organisms to migrate from hidden locations into the living space. A higher concentration of micro-organisms will be present the closer you test to an area of growth.

Pathways™ tests for peptide bonds found in proteins. Pathways™ does not specifically test for micro-organisms, however once a “hot spot” is identified, it is easier to then determine if that area is related to micro-organisms.

Pathways™ peptide bond/protein testing can help to:

  • Determine how allergens, mold, and other organisms associated with water damage are migrating into the living space.
  • Monitor if remediation, mitigation, and cleaning have been effective.
  • Test to determine how often cleaning is needed to maintain a healthful home environment.

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