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Radiant Heat Transfer

Radiant heat transfer occurs when there is a large difference the temperatures of two No surfaces that are exposed to each other, but are not touching.


A radioactive gas formed by the decay of uranium.

Radon progeny

Radon particles that can be breathed into the lung, where they continue to release radiation as they further decay. Also known as radon decay products or radon daughters.


Situation that occurs when the air being exhausted from a building is immediately brought back into the system through the air intake and other openings in the building envelope.


Recommended Exposure Limits (recommendations made by NIOSH)

Reproductive Toxicant

A chemical acting as a poison by means of causing adverse effects on the male or female reproductive system (e.g. fertility, pregnancy outcomes).

Respirable Particles

Those particles found in air that are capable of penetrating and being deposited in the deeper (non-ciliated) portion of the lung.


Muscle tone is high and there is continuous contraction and resistance to passive movement.