Live Webinar - DIY PATHWAYS™ Testing for Homeowners


April 25, 2023    
10:00 am PDT - 11:00 am PDT

Live Zoom webinar with Certified Industrial Hygienist, John Banta.

Learn about the most innovative approach to mold testing, with one of the most trusted environmental consultants in the industry. This webinar was developed specifically for homeowners.

Pathways™ testing is a non-destructive testing method, designed specifically for areas that do not have visible mold growth. A crack the size of a human hair can provide a pathway for micro-organisms to migrate from hidden locations into the living space. There will be a higher concentration of micro-organisms present near areas of growth. Although Pathways™ does not specifically test for micro-organisms, once a “hot spot” with elevated peptide bond/protein levels is identified, it is easier to then determine if that area is related to micro-organisms.

Pathways™ peptide bond/protein testing can help to:

  • determine how allergens, mold, and other organisms associated with water damage are migrating into the living space.
  • monitor if remediation, mitigation, and cleaning have been effective.
  • determine how often cleaning is needed to maintain a healthy home environment.

Pathways™ testing has some distinct advantages over other testing methods:

  • Pathways™ tests are a fraction of the cost of other test methods.
  • Pathways™ testing is non-destructive.

*Limited space available.

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