In this “Open Mike” discussion, Michael Schrantz and John Banta set the record straight regarding the history, application, and ongoing debates involving of ERMI, HERTSMI-2, and MSQPCR that come up between IEPs, clinicians, and clients.

  • Overview of PCR, QPCR, and MSQPCR technologies
  • EPA development of “ERMI” (2007 AHHS 1 study)
  • The 2013 EPA Office of Inspector General Report regarding ERMI
  • Review of EPA’s 2020 Study (ERMI, AHHS 2)
  • Review of EPA’s 2021 Position paper on ERMI
  • Professional considerations when interpreting MSQPCR data
  • Review of Dr. Shoemaker’s HERTSMI-2 analysis
  • John & Mike’s takeaways